There are so many reasons to adopt a vegan diet. Animals all over the world are suffering, and this is causing a domino effect of problems all over our Earth. The over-production of animals causes greenhouses gases to form that harm our environment. Chemicals that are pumped into farmed animals are consumed by humans, causing disease. There needs to be a systemic change in our eating habits, and quickly, or these changes could become irreversible.

This is why I believe choosing to eat a vegan diet is so important. Not only does veganism help stop the problems of climate change and disease, veganism is truly the best way to stop the suffering of animals. And better yet, it’s easy. Whether you enjoy to cook, you prefer microwave meals, or you eat out on a daily basis, there is always a way to avoid harming animals in the process. I hope this blog can help you find a vegan diet as rewarding as I do.

-Sandy Chirico


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